Your Extraordinary Stories

Woah, you Manxies really are amazing!

Here are just some of the stories which stand out to us and highlight a true Extraordinary Islander. Feel free to share these stories wide and far and if you know someone who sounds like an Extraordinary Islander and is deserving of this accolade, why not show your appreciation to them in style?

  • Sthie

    During the very early stages of lockdown in the Isle of Man Reverend Andy Fishburne, a local Methodist Church Minister, quickly jumped into action to make sure those who were still keen to worship were able to despite the lack of being able to gather in the usual way.

  • Karen Norton

    Karen runs ‘CafeLingo’ in Douglas. CafeLingo provides a space for people who don’t speak English as their first language to get to grips with learning the dialect as well as life on the Isle of Man.

  • Jayden Gaines

    Over lockdown, Jayden who is just 9 years old, used his initiative and decided to ride 100 miles on his bike in under 2 weeks in order to raise money for Ramsey Rugby Club ‘Doorstep Deliveries’ on behalf of the Isle of Man Foodbank.

  • Diane and Carole

    Carole Male and Diane Rybij from Manx Breast Cancer Support Group Charity took it upon themselves to ensure EVERY patient leaving the island for medical treatment or a hospital appointment had PPE including hand gel, masks etc.

  • Crossroads

    Over the pandemic Crossroads stepped up their care and continued to provide support to local carers regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Ella Quayle

    Ella shaved all her hair off in April 2020 during the peak of the coronavirus and raised more than £3000 (incredible).


“This bright and colourful arc has become a symbol of hope and community spirit during these uncertain times, which is at the very heart of these awards.”