Your Extraordinary Stories

Woah, you Manxies really are amazing!

Here are just some of the stories which stand out to us and highlight a true Extraordinary Islander. Feel free to share these stories wide and far and if you know someone who sounds like an Extraordinary Islander and is deserving of this accolade, why not show your appreciation to them in style?

  • Christian Varley

    Christian Varley is a local hero that truly went the distance - and then some - to raise money for the Manx Solidarity Fund.

  • Samantha Farrell

    In March, Samantha Farrell set up the Facebook page IOM Community Meal Donations to provide food for vulnerable people in the local community.

  • John Foster

    John was nominated by his wife Debby for the incredible work he did for the health service throughout COVID-19.

  • Kym and Tom

    Meet Kym and Tom, the couple behind the popular Manx blog ‘Kids on the Rock’.

  • Elder Grange Nursing Home

    The team at Elder Grange Nursing Home was amazing during lockdown. Its dedication for residents went above and beyond to ensure family members felt reassured that their loved ones were well taken care of.

  • Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

    The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, considered by many the nation’s lifeline, has truly lived up to this title over the course of the pandemic.


“This bright and colourful arc has become a symbol of hope and community spirit during these uncertain times, which is at the very heart of these awards.”